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Research Roundup: The Penis Edition

February 4, 2011

I was just browsing Research Blogging and came across two posts I wish I had written. Both posts discuss the same paper (one by EA Bowman), but they take different approaches to the discussion–and they’re both awesomely written.

If you’re at work (or somewhere where people might peer over your shoulder and judge you), you should read Zinjanthropus’ Adaptationism in the Human Penis first. (There aren’t any pictures in this post, but you will come across gems like this: “Males with better plungers should have more offspring…”)

Then check out Scicurious’ Friday Weird Science: Penises are Funny Looking! (The title comes from something SciMom said in the bean aisle.)

Note: These are serious scientific discussions of the human penis. Of course, they’re funny too because, well, what SciMom said.

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