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Open Lab 2010!!!

January 14, 2011

Late last week, Jason Goldman (author of The Thoughtful Animal and editor of Open Lab 2010) announced the finalists for Open Lab 2010.¬†Well…guess what made the cut? A whole lot of amazing posts from amazing science bloggers–and Rump-Shaking Red-Eyed Treefrogs!

Jason had this to say about this year’s competition:

Determining the ultimate composition of Open Lab is no easy task, especially since we started out with an unprecedented nearly 900 entries. Competition was fierce! In the end, these 50 posts (plus 6 poems and 1 cartoon), are representative of the best science and the best writing in the science blogosphere from 2010. Not only is the science accurate and the writing top-notch, but they are highly accessible, and they truly make the reader care about the topic. I hope that this final list succeeds in the goal of showcasing the breadth and depth of the science blogosphere and of highlighting the incredible diversity and talent among science bloggers.

Needless to say, we are absolutely positively stoked! While we bask in our dorky glory, check out all the other posts (listed here)–or wait and read them in their published touchable form. The book will be out in a few months. We’ll keep you posted.

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