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Help Us Find a Home for Bianca!

October 2, 2010

We’ve been on a bit of a hiatus lately. We’re sorry. We’ll return with the entertaining and fascinating science posts you expect from us very soon. But, believe it or not, some things are more important than rump-shaking red-eyed tree frogs and barnacle sex. *Gasp* Right now, our friend in Los Angeles is trying to find a home for Bianca, a 12-week-old special needs Manx kitten. Please spread the word and if you’re interested in adopting Bianca, email us at

Bianca is a 12 week old polydactyl Manx kitten with special needs. Like many Manx, she has incontinence, and cannot always control her bladder. She means very well, and uses her littler box most of the time, but has accidents most often when she sleeps. Otherwise, she is very happy and healthy and loves to purr, snuggle, and chase bottle caps. She is absolutely beautiful, with stripes on her legs, and a leopard print belly. Her extra large paws are amazing! She is also a superb hunter, even stalking and catching a fly the other day. She is looking for a home perhaps as an outdoor cat, where she can be given lots of love and care. She is almost up to date on her shots, and can be by the time you adopt her. She has not yet been spayed, as she is so young, but this could also be done in advance of her adoption.

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