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Scientia Pro Publica 27 is up and Scientia Pro Publica 28 is coming HERE

April 26, 2010

When I wrote about marine mucilage, I described it as grosser than gross. At the time, I thought it was. I was wrong. If you want to see something that’s really truly grosser than gross check out GrrlScientist’s post, Is that a T. rex up your nose? New Species of Nose-Dwelling Leech Discovered. Biologically-speaking, it’s fascinating, but it ranks very high on the heeby-jeeby scale.

GrrlScientist’s post is one of many fabulous snippets included in Scientia Pro Publica 27 at Melliferax so head on over and read the whole thing.

Next week, I’ll be hosting Scientia Pro Publica 28 here so please submit your best science posts now using this form.

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