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Please Nominate Us for a Research Blogging Award

February 1, 2010

Research Blogging Awards 2010Research Blogging is giving out awards and, quite frankly, we’d really like one. Of course, to get an award, we need to be nominated—and to get nominated, we need you to nominate us (PLEASE).

Research Blogging (THE hub for all blog posts about peer-reviewed research) will be awarding cash prizes in several categories including Blog Post of the Year, Best Expert-Level Blog, Best Lay-Level Blog, Funniest Blog and Best Blogs in Spanish, Portuguese, German and Chinese. Clearly, we don’t qualify for the best blog in Spanish, Portuguese, German or Chinese, but we hope you’ll consider us for a more appropriate category (like Best Lay-Level Blog or Funniest Blog).

The Nitty-gritty: Nominations close on February 11, 2010. To nominate us, click here. You’ll need to provide “two links to exemplary posts and a couple sentences explaining why you think the blog deserves the award.” For your convenience, here’s a list of all our Research Blogging posts:

Altruism-On-Demand: I’ll help, but only if you ask nicely…

Climate Change May Make Fish Commit Predator-Assisted Suicide

Marine Mucilage, Ick!

Sperm Wars

Fueling the Future…With Urine and Chicken Remnants

It’s Not Just Penguins…

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